Rover Gatherer

In Class game project
Team: Delmy Reyes, Christopher Dilday, Khanh Le
Duration: 3 weeks
Tool: Unity
Role: Co-lead programmer, level design
Source code: Github
Playable link: Kongregate

Rover Gatherer is a design based puzzle game. Players control a Rover on Mars to gather resources and help the colony survive. The mechanic of the game would be placing arrows to indicate the direction for Rover to travel.

I took responsibility for writing the core mechanic of the game, the Rover’s movement as well as the arrows placement and their behaviors. I also designed each levels with difficulty curve. Each level could consist of multiple approaches but only has one best solution. Lastly, I implemented the score calculation base on how well players perform each level.

All Five - Dodecahedron
All Five - Dodecahedron
All Five - Dodecahedron
All Five - Dodecahedron